Seven Deadly Stupidities
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Seven Deadly Stupidities

Discover the Patterns that lead to Failure and Learn How to Avoid them.

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What People Are Saying

โ€œThe Seven Deadly Stupidities is insightful, humorous and reveals how we can learn from our flawed decision-making habits.โ€

Dan HeneghanCEO Roundtable Chairman, C12 Forums

โ€œGeorge makes it simple: 80% of success is avoiding stupidity. The case studies and lessons drive home the point that even smart people make bad decisions all the time.


Guy KawasakiChief evangelist of Canva and Former Chief evangelist of Apple

โ€œIโ€™m so glad to have found this book while still in college. So many good lessons here that I will not have to learn the hard way.


Summer NelsonUCLA Student and Social Media Influencer